If a printed journal appears online as a pdf do the limitations on the amount of advertising still apply?

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    Clause 6 - Journal Advertising

    See Clause 4 and in particular Clause 4.7 regarding the requirements for prescribing information in journal advertisements.

    6.1 No issue of a print journal may bear advertising for a particular product on more than two pages. 

    6.2 Where the pages of a two page print advertisement are not facing or where a digital advertisement is made up of a number of screens, no page or screen must be false or misleading when read in isolation.

    6.3 No advertisement taking the form of a loose insert in a print journal
    may consist of more than a single sheet of a size no larger than the page
    size of the journal itself, printed on one or both sides.


The print requirements for a journal provided online in PDF format has the same advertising limitations which apply to the hard copy journal. Companies can make their own decisions regarding journal advertising in forms other than print or a PDF of print.