Does the 2 page limit in printed journals include the prescribing information?

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    Clause 6 - Journal Advertising

    See Clause 4 and in particular Clause 4.7 regarding the requirements for prescribing information in journal advertisements.

    6.1 No issue of a print journal may bear advertising for a particular product on more than two pages. 

    6.2 Where the pages of a two page print advertisement are not facing or where a digital advertisement is made up of a number of screens, no page or screen must be false or misleading when read in isolation.

    6.3 No advertisement taking the form of a loose insert in a print journal
    may consist of more than a single sheet of a size no larger than the page
    size of the journal itself, printed on one or both sides.


Yes, the 2 page limit includes the prescribing information.